Clients and Suppliers


Worldwide worldwide

Porsche  German automotive

CashCommunication European Visual Communication

Yeople UK Cool stuff

D&G Italian Fashion

Accede  Innovative Entrepreneurship Services

Skidata Austrian access control

ANG company Italian VIP management

Ktm Austrian motorcycles

Lavazza Italian coffee

Bastard Italian Streetwear

DBAccess   Software Development Entrepreneurship Space

BiffiLuce Italian Ligthing

AvioBrasil Brasilian Helicopters

Esacrom Italian dental machinery

IamLavorazioni Italian moulds and metal parts

Nokia Telecommunications

Superga Italian Sportwear

BCM Group   USA Business development

VTP Foundation  Non-Profit Foundation

Swiss swiss

Posalux Micro Technologies for Mass Production

Crevoisier Swiss precision tooling

Humard Swiss Robotic, automation and precision hydraulic press

Strausak Top swiss grinding machines

Tornos Swiss precision tooling

Rychiger Swiss high and packaging machines

Tofwerk Swiss mass spectrometers

Zellweger Swiss project management

Maurer Schallschutz  Swiss Beringen Engineering

Almac Swiss Microprecision Industries

Avio International Swiss Helicopters

Swiss Avio  Swiss helicopters and light airplaines

Wandfluh Swiss automotive, hydraulic and electronic

Adonite Swiss business management

New Ingenia Swiss assembly and sale for assembly of industrial products.