Strategic Innovation is at the heart of any successful business.

Our innovation machine is ready to imbed itself in your company to build together top selling products worldwide.


Beside our main core we also supply other services for thousands companies worldwide on:

Innovation Consulting:

It’s our fastest way to give an innovation-boost and a fresh point of view to your company. We bring a Tornado of  innovation to any market.


Product Development Consulting:

If you have a product idea for your company this is the service you need.

We put to use all of our experience to bring any crazy idea into reality. The harder the challenge, the more fun we have doing it.

100% Design:

Our Milan based team develops pure Italian design and strategic aesthetics on any kind of product.


Is our most efficient way to fill up your company’s team with new points of view and with our innovation experiences; optimizing your company’s methodologies.

We have a special and positive format for Universities and under-35 associations all over the world.