Rhino Multitool


Rhino is a clever animal shaped key ring-size multi-tool. “The best gadget for tough spirits”



The Rhino Multitool is an ingenious animal shaped multi-tool specially designed by Enrique Luis Sardi and his Sardi innovation team to satisfy the creativity needs of the market. In fact, the tools cleverly form the shape of the animal with style:

  • Its HORNS are the 3/8 inch (9,5 mm) full polish open and wrench
  • Its FRONT FEET are the 1/2 inch (13 mm) full polish and wrench
  • Its BACK FEET are the 9/16 inch (14,5 mm) full polish and wrench
  • On its MOUTH you plug one of the 4 screwdrivers Rhino deposits in its STOMACH
  • Its STOMACH contains also a spatula for windshield ice scraping, surfboard wax or whatever else you want
  • Its EARS are the Bottle opener and its TAIL is the Keyring clip.